Hilo Brewing Company

A New Begining

Established in 2018 from a longstanding tradition of brewing beer in Hilo, Hawaii, the Hilo Brewing Company produces and delivers the highest quality hand crafted beer to our Hilo and Big Island communities, the State of Hawaii and the rest of the world.

The Hilo Brewing Company team has combined decades of brewing and beverage experience and is ready to fill the Big Island beer void in the local marketplace.

Our Brew Master has over twenty years of US Pacific Northwest and European experience and education.  As a longtime Hilo resident, our Brew Master also understands the Hawaiian culture and how to blend preferred local tastes with great hand crafted beer.

Hilo Brewing Company prides itself in maintaining the highest quality control standards across brewing, sanitation, and of course the taste and freshness of our beer.  The signature tastes of Hilo Brewing Company’s beer all begin by using Hawaiian water which is rated in the top of the country and the rest of the world.

Hilo Brewing Company is positioned to be a dominating force in the local beer market and is beyond proud to have a beer Hilo can finally call “Hilo’s own.”

Hilo Brewing Company’s operations and capacity scalability is supported by Pacific Aqua Beverages LLC corporate administration and finance.